Friday, August 11, 2006

What we're going to do, who we're going to do it to, and how long we are going to do it

We are the MiddleCoast. We're taking place in the mythical land between New York and Los Angeles, known heretofore as the 'olde middle westernland.' Some have known us as 'the land beneath the airplane window,' or for brevity's sake 'the flyover states,' and finally for geography's sake - Chicago.

The cabal of editors, assistant editors, and assistant to the assistant editors that will be posting here will discuss (in no particular order of importance, or likelihood)
1. Sunglasses and how cool they are.
2. Music, specifically music that we like, or that we don't like. There is no middle.
3. Bigfoot Conspiracy Theories.
4. Participating in and Bitching about the Literati of the MiddleCoast
5. Movies, television, and general Pop Culture Minutiae.
6. Fiction. Both short and shorter.
7. And anything else that will please us, and therefore you. By default, all that we do is pleasing to others.

Tips for enjoying the MiddleCoast are few and in fact, one: Do not comment regarding inappropriate usage of words, punctuation (specifically commas, our bane), or contradictions, and instead offer only praise. Sweet, glorious, life-affirming, self-deluding praise.

Enjoy and Cheers,

And so this is a journal. An online journal, but a journal nevertheless. In the hopes of becoming journalists, we publish a journal. Not like some lame journal either. No! This will be the best journal ever. This journal will contain the guts, the fluid, the juice of youth. Breathing, burning, churning, bubbling youth. Can you feel it? It burns, doesn't it? You can't take tums for this shit. You gotta work harder than that. You have to release it. You have to let the fire breath or else the smoke is going to choke you. So open the flue and let it flow. Left and right. East and west. But from the middle. Always from the middle. Deep inside the diaphragm. From within to without. Me to you. Us to them. Let us begin.


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