Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Hate Winners

So fall is here. The days are getting shorter, and it's kind've chilly in the mornings. You know the kind were you fall asleep with the window open, and when you wake up in the morning you have a bit of a sore throat? Well, that started happening just this week. Fall's a great time of year for many reasons - school starting, football season, Halloween, the new TV lineup, getting to wear jackets, but one of the best things about the fall - is baseball. In particular, the playoffs.

If you have any allegiance to a team - every pitch thrown, ball caught, runner checked, every nuance of the game can twist you stomach into knots. Anything can happen - on any play. Compared to football or basketball, just making the playoffs in baseball is a huge accomplish, and at the same time you're so tantalizingly close to one of the greatest (and most democratic) accomplishments in American sports.

During the regular year I follow baseball pretty closely (1-2 games a week), but I know I'll be watching 90% of the playoff games starting in 2 weeks. There's only one problem. None of my teams are going to make the playoffs (Cubbies, Royals). As of today, here's who would make the playoffs -

American League - Yankees, Tigers, A's, Twins (Wild Card)
National League - Mets, Cardinals, Padres, Dodgers (Wild Card)

Now, all these teams are by no means set, especially the American League Central/ Wild Card race, and the National League West/ Wild Card race, but it's a good view of how things will shake out. What's interesting is that the team I hate most in each league is represented, the Yankees, and the Cards. Unfortunately, since the turn of the century they're also probably the winningest teams from their respective leagues. So what does this leave me? I'll get to turn my stomach in knots by routing AGAINST them, of course. I hate winners! Never have I been a fan ofr a team that went on to win it all. A case could be made that I've just picked teams that haven't won it yet.... , but I think a stronger case could be made that I've subconsciously picked teams that I know could not possibly win anything. What does that mean? Let's use some deductive reasoning. Remember this one? If X=Y and Y=Z, therefore X=Z. Okay, let's add some values to the equation. X=Myself, Y=Hating Winners, and Z=Loving Losers. Redoing the equation says - If Myself=Hating Winners, and Hating Winners=Loving Losers, Therefore Myself=Loving Losers. Oh My God. I LOVE LOSERS! For the sake of the argument we're going to ignore that whole 'Fallacy of Deductive Reasoning' thing that I learned once in a logic class.

Well, I guess someone's gotta love 'em. I'm not sure what that really says about me - always picking teams destined to fail, but maybe it's cause I like the chase and the challenge? Maybe I'm just a hater? Regardless, get ready for the Yankees over the Mets in 5. Go Mets!

Happy Fall,


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JasonToo said...

maybe you just hate yourself