Thursday, September 07, 2006

Steely Dan vs. Wes Anderson

I'm not going to post the whole letter here, cause it's 6,000 words long, but this link demands perusal and investigation from all of the 3 people that read the middleCoast. This is a kind of second act to the Steely Dan vs. Owen Wilson throwdown that took place earlier this summer. Without going into that whole thing, this time Steely Dan has basically written a hilarious screed to Wes Anderson about how his movies have been getting crappier and crappier with each new release. What was brilliant in Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, has become cliche-ridden and over-flowing with it's own self knowing, whimsical, 'Wes-Anderson-ness' by the time we get to The Royal Tennebaum's, and The Life Aquatic. What's funny, is that this letter is CLEARLY a joke, but apparently in this post-irony-ironic age that we live in nearly EVERYONE in the blogosphere doesn't get it. Go ahead google around, and nearly everyone is trashing Steely Dan (who are fucking brilliant). It's a JOKE people! Also, lost on most is that Steely Dan were kind've known for their sarcasm. I dunno, is it possible that everyone has kind of become a Wes Anderson Apologist? Is Steely Dan's hiliarious insight hitting too close to home? Let me know what you think.


David said...

OK, I'm a year late to your comments, but you're 100% right. How idiotic are these bloggers and their commenters? Fagen and Becker have been jokesters for years, and this is just more of the same. An of course if they really had a beef, it would never be aired through their website first.

Danny said...

I'm several years late to this, and lord knows if you even read these comments anymore. Having just seen (and loved) Moonrise Kingdom I had to read up on Mr. Anderson. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this letter from another artist for whom I have the utmost admiration, Mr. Fagen. Yet, the connection being at best exceedingly random, I did and do struggle to ascertain Fagen's true intended tone Fagen. With no response from Anderson available on the internet, it's hard to really know if he's in on the joke (that is, if you're correct, and it is indeed entirely a joke.) My first reaction was that Fagen and Becker truly were fans of Anderson's work, and that this was an ernest (though clearly ironic) attempt to pluck up Anderson's spirits in the wake of luke warm box office reception for Life Aquatic. Admittedly, Fagen's commentaries on Anderson's artistic virtues do cut a bit close to the quick, but if Anderson IS in on it, then perhaps such ribbing is no cause for concern. If Steely Dan and Wes Anderson are truly as separate in life as they have always been in my mind, however, then what are we to make of this but an utterly idiosyncratic blip on the radar screen that is inter-celebrity scocial interchange? The world may never know.