Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Adult Video Channel Program Description Update

If you have the time, and a bizarro sense of humor, I think I've found an endless font of humor. The channels in the 840s and 850s on my TV are the adult channels. While I don't get them, I do crack myself up reading the descriptions. In fact, my dream job has always been either writing the descriptions in Sky Mall, or for the Spice network. Who wouldn't love such overzealous use of exclammation points! So, without further delay, here is the first installment of what I hope becomes a regular feature here on the middleCoast it's....

The Adult Video Channel Program Description Update

Sexy Skyways
Channel 854 TeN

Summer Breeze flies at high altitudes as she and her flight-attendant friends supply their passengers with smiles for miles and miles!

Zodiac Rising
Channel 852 SPICE2

Aurora Snow leaps into action as an untamable wildcat who pounces on every opportunity to leave her lovers breathless and begging for more, no matter where her animalistic adventures may take her!

Farmers' Daughter Take It Off
Channel 844 HOTN

A farmer's work is never done, especially when it comes to helping his daughters plow through a field of hired hands eager to go ahead and do some horsing around!

Black Reign 2
Channel 854 TeN

These dark and delicious treats go way beyond sweet when they unwrap their yummy assets in front of the masses for the very first time!

Devil's Tail
Channel 853 PLAY

Foursomes and threesomes highlight this sexy tale about a brainy harlot and her cowardly friends who go up against a faceless enemy of unimaginable cunning and strength!

Black and Latin 4
Channel 854 TeN

Black men take a romp on the saucier side of sensuality with sizzling senoritas who are eager to help them satisfy their hot and spicy sexual fantasies!

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JasonToo said...

awesome. i'm quite certain we should be writing our own versions of these...