Thursday, October 12, 2006


Holy Crap, i guess it's time for some regional-chat-pandering, but what the hell happened to fall? It's 30 degrees outside and snowing! The weather guy said today's high will be the lowest high on record for Chicago on October 12. This does not bode well for the winter. I think we all felt a bit lucky with last winter's easy-peasyness, but karma has a way of evening things out a bit, and it looks like we're in for month's of gloom and doom this time around.

On a unrelated yet related note, anyone feel like doing something culturally stimulating tonight? There can be drinking involved, but it should be mixed with music or art or reading of some kind. Maybe it's cause I'm listening to the Decemberists, but I feel like doing something smart tonight. Anyways, comment or email me whatever, I got some ideas.

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