Monday, November 06, 2006

Bob Barker's Americana

Over the last few days the news of Bob Barker's impending retirement has sort've trickled out over the news wire. Bob - (and I think we can all agree that everyone is on a first name basis with him) now in his 83rd year has been the host of The Price is Right for 35 years! 35 years of being everyone's favorite grandfatherly game show host. 35 years of asking housewives and jubilant San Diego State college students to guess the price of frozen TV dinners. When I first read the news I was incredulous. I just couldn't believe he was leaving us. This really is a moment to mark in TV history. Right up there with Johnny Carson's retirement and any of Ron Popeil's time saving infomercials. As Ron would say, "But wait, there's more!" Anyone who has ever watched the show knows the absolutely delightful un-ironic tackiness that the show represents. Who hasn't yelled at the TV "Higher! Higher!" or "She's an idiot! Everyone knows that Preparation H costs more than Gorton's Fish Sticks!" Apparently they're going to try and replace Bob with some other host, and I just can't believe that will work. Who could possibly replace him and his skinny microphone? I can't see the show lasting more than a season or two with a new host. When contestants make it to the stage they're invariably wearing some ill-fitting homemade sweatshirt with a puffy paint slogan written on it saying something like "I love you BOB!" or "Oklahoma loves Bob!" I sincerely doubt the new host will be able to get that much love from America.

I remember the day that The Price is Right came onto my radar. I was 6 years old and at my friend Mike's house (1985 for those counting at home). He had one of those mom's that would only let their kid watch an hour of television a day, which really sounds quaint now. Anyways, he chose to spend his hour not watching GI Joe, or The Transformers, but The Price is Right. I thought he was crazy when he told me this, so the next time I was at his house he made me watch it with him. We sat in his living room eating our Chex cereal (his mother also said no to sugared cereals) and I was transfixed for the entire hour. Plinko and A Hole in One (or Two), the colors, the models! And of course Bob himself calmly presiding over the whole affair. Who cares if I didn't even know what a Massengill Douche, or a Tweeze N' Go was. I was right there. Cheering along with the crowd. Well, I can't do him justice, but thank you. Thank you for 35 years of entertainment.

And remember folks help control the animal population. Always have your cats and dogs spade or neutered.

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JasonToo said...

Barker's Beauties? He's like the poor man's Hugh Hefner.