Saturday, August 12, 2006

middleCoast misSion statEment

and so this is a journal. an online journal, but a journal nevertheless. in the hopes of becoming journalists, we publish a journal. not like some lame journal either. no! this will be the best journal ever. this journal will contain the guts, the fluid, the juice of youth. breathing, burning, churning, bubbling youth. can you feel it? it burns, doesn't it? you can't take tums for this shit. you gotta work harder than that. you have to release it. you have to let the fire breath or else the smoke is going to choke you. so open the flue and let it flow. left and right. east and west. but from the middle. always from the middle. deep inside the diaphragm. from within to without. me to you. us to them. let us begin.

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