Friday, January 19, 2007

Another great Flick

Yes! I always loved RAD, but I could hardly ever find it in the video store. So, I have a hard time remembering many parts of the film. I do recall the scene where he rides his bike off a ramp into a lake. Classic.

While I'm on the topic of great childhood movies, let me share "Over the Edge" with everyone. I was something like 12 years old, and up one Saturday evening watching some late night programming with Rhonda. Yes, I'm speaking of "USA Up...All Night". I don't know if that show is still on, but it was sweet because I could always watch some obscure flick that really made me believe you could drink your way through college or that all old horror movies were really comedies (not true: case in point Exorcist and Poltergeist). Funny story though, I was watching this movie at 1AM or so, and my phone rings. It's my buddy Schrowe calling to tell me about a movie he's watching. Yep, he was watching it too. So we watched it together, in separate homes, and we discussed the movie often. Nothing about the movie is over the top or visually impressive, but that is the point.

Over The Edge was awesome for a few reasons. (1) PLANNED COMMUNITIES: I thought this was a recent phenomena, but as the movie unfolds you see that it has been a parasite of culture for decades now. I firmly believe there are few things that rob us of our creativity and imagination more than a community, where everything material is at your fingertips and kids are confined to backyards and "play-dates" (2) kids being kids, I swear that some of the same stuff happened in Jo. Co. where I grew up, but somehow we never got caught. (2) Music: the soundtrack is full of late 70s and early 80s rock that still holds its own.

So rent it. I got it on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, b/c I was thinking of Jason. If it sucks...let me know. I haven't had a conversation about it in a while, and Jason was the only other person I knew who had seen it.

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