Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girl Talk: The Video Mash-Up

Around one month ago, Greg Gillis (aka, Girl Talk) released his latest mash-up masterpiece, Feed the Animals, via the whole digital-name-your-price venture. Get your own copy at Illegal Art. Here at the middleCoast, we've been hooked to the GT ever since the gruff, sinus-filled voice of late great Notorious B.I.G. could be heard over "Tiny Dancer" . After naming our (undisclosed) price for Feed the Animals, realizing and appreciating its merits upon a few repeated listens, we also noticed a definite fatigue setting in. Fact of the matter is, it's kinda difficult to listen to a full album of Girl Talk mash-ups because of the very reason they are brilliant - each song is simply too dense, too schizophrenic, perhaps, to be able to absorb more than a few songs' worth at one time. Really we're just too slow to be able to keep up with so many samples.

Thankfully, someone with way too much time on his hands is here to help. Pairing the original video clips with the sampled tracks, the music video for "Still Here" is like a Cliff's Notes to the song. Now you can use your eyes and ears to pick out each of the obscure riffs and beats. And there really is nothing quite like seeing Thom Yorke at a microphone singing while hearing the hook from "No Diggity".

Apparently, the man with too much time on his hands is YouTuber Bunny Greenhouse, who has a few other GT video mash-ups posted if you enjoyed that one.

Be sure to catch Girl Talk in Chicago at Lollapalooza August 3rd.


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