Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year, A New Coast

Apologies, dear mC reader(s), for the three-month hiatus, but The middleCoast has brand spanking new headquarters way out here in fair San Francisco. One might think that this move would damage the integrity of a site self-labeled "middleCoast", but we assure you that all things still come from the Middle even if the fingers and the keyboard are in the West. And no, the music content of the site will not turn to Grateful Dead cover bands and noodling jams of the 15-minute long variety. Make no mistake, the heart and soul of this site will always reside in the Middle.

And so this New Year's Resolution is to march on with The mC despite a new Coast and the petty distraction of what is apparently known as a "Day Job". Turns out that people all over the world maintain "Day Jobs" quite regularly, and that the rise in Unemployment numbers is actually a negative thing. So wish us luck as we venture out of the Home Office and into the Office Office.

Stay tuned: Best Music of 2008 still on its way...


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