Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm Going to Try...

My friend Jason - the founding father of the middleCoast - has passed away. That is not easy to say, but slightly less difficult to write. I have no intention, though, of letting the middleCoast burn out or fade away. We originally attempted to make middleCoast the magazine, or at least middleCoast the zine, in a printed format. We never really got past trying to figure out how big the paper should be, or which one of us would pay hard-earned beer money to make the copies, so it turned into a blog. A blog we hoped would take over the proverbial blogosphere, no less. (Actually, I assumed Jason had made up that word until I read it somewhere else months later.) What it turned into was a place for Jason to make us laugh, mostly. And I'm forever grateful that it will exist for me to read for as long as I can maintain the blogspot thing. So I'm going to try, for the sake of all his loyal readers, to figure out how to do more than just post my rants. I'm going to try and make sure this spot stays around for us all to read his stories, like the one about finding a mouse in his apartment, for years to come.

I hope I can write more about my friend soon. And I hope I can do so without trivializing our friendship. And I hope he's somewhere, on some plane of existence keeping him at peace, away from this world that needs things like blogospheres to make our days worthwhile.

Good bye, friend. I love you.



JenniferToo said...

Beautiful. Stay strong brotha.

I love you.

Champ said...

Well said, Jason. We'll keep it alive. Although I don't think we'll be as funny as Schrowe was.