Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Memories - Part 1

……Attn. JasonToo - I thought I’d do a separate blog rather than write in the comment section of your request…it may get slightly lengthy.

Many of my memories are from when we were younger, going through turmoil together, elementary school, middle/high school and then KU. Of course all the times I went on trips with Jas will (hopefully) be forever embedded in my mind – drunken nights in NYC, drunken nights in Chicago, drunken nights in KC, Florida, St. Louis – hmmm…. maybe that’s why my memories from our formative years are so much more clear to me. I will never have a bond like I had with him ever again in my life (I’m sure any close siblings can attest to that) and memories and pictures are all I have now. Let’s visit some of them:

(in no particular order – just random memories right now)

1. When I was 3 and told not to touch the soft spot on his infant head - I, of course poked it. He knew about this, we laughed about it, and I choose to believe this is what made him smart and witty.

2. Every Christmas Eve (until we were teenagers) we tried to stay up all night to catch our parents putting “Santa’s” presents under the tree. We always fell asleep around 2am with visions of Atari, Cabbage Patch Kids, G.I. Joes, Transformers, etc. in our heads. Then of course we would wake up the parents at 5:00am.

3. One Christmas during a slight sibling rivalry phase, I decided to be nice and get him a season pass to World’s of Fun. You should have seen the look on his face. I have a great picture of him hugging me after I gave it to him. He has liked me ever since.

4. We fought with each other, but always protected each other. (a general memory)

5. One day, in our shared bathroom, brushing our teeth, we looked in the mirror at the same time. My hair was wet and slicked back and his was short and we said (at the same time) “Ewww! We look like twins! MOM come here!!!”

6. The first time I bought alcohol for him and his friends (me -21, he – 18, still in high school) He was going to have sex with this girl at my place, and I talked him out of it. He REALLY liked me then. That’s what big sisters are for.

7. Going to his frat house when I had a fight with my loser ex-bf and him being there for me, telling me to leave the jerk. You were always right Jas.

8. Drunken dancing with Jas at The Brown Bear Brewing Company to Ice, Ice, Baby. For some reason that one sticks with me – this is definitely not the only drunken dancing we have done.

9.Him always trying to convince me that Peyton Manning was gay. (he hated winners)

10. With him in NYC, at around 4:30am, in a taxi, on our way from some bar, singing Luther Vandross’s (sp?) “Here and Now” at the top of our lungs. I think the cabbie wanted to throw us out.

11. At my wedding in Florida, he lost $200 in the ocean at night. I tried not to laugh but who swims in the ocean at night with 2 $100 bills in their pocket? (btw – he unbelievably found it on the shore with a flashlight some hours later)

12. Jas and I. The Strokes. Tiny venue in St. Louis. Best. Show. Ever.

13. New Years Eve (I think) going into 2001. Jas and I are visiting our Mom in St. Louis (different time than The Strokes Experience) and she agrees to drop us off near the Arch where there are tons of bars. We find some place, ring in the New Year, and end up at a casino until 6am or so. Conversation when we realize it is 6am:

me: Are you going to call mom to pick us up?
him: Yeah right – you call her.
me: she’ll be less mad if you call.
him: I don’t think so….
both: Let’s get a taxi.

My mind is exploding with memories right now and this is helpful to write them down. BUT is is 7:20pm and I would like to wrap things up at work (because I have been working so hard). I guess this could be Part 1.

Bye for now.

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JasonToo said...

Hahaha. Thanks, Jen. Mentioning your wedding reminds me of J telling us about successfully playing the role of drunken little brother that day - and standing in his lucky undies holding champagne bottles, surrounded only with other dudes.