Saturday, July 07, 2007

Holy Crap!

Maybe everyone but me has seen this already, but I just found (thank you gorillamask) this video from 2004 of Yves Rossy, some crazy Swiss who decided he needed to strap a jet pack to his back and fly around the Swiss Alps for awhile. My eyebrows are still at their apex watching this for the third time. Bear with the Moby tune until about halfway through when he flies in formation with the friggin plane he jumped out of. Unreal:

Speaking of crazy French-speaking daredevils, have you ever seen the Human Spiderman, aka Alain Robert? With a fannypack full of powder to keep his hands dry, and a box of ciggies (he is French, after all), this dude will scale anything. He's scaled the Sears Tower, for fuck's sake (shown here, here, and here). He can do a pull up with one finger. Ridiculous. Oh, and this is all guerilla-style: so sure enough, he gets arrested as soon as he makes it to the top. Good work, CPD! Here he is in action:

Now I'm gonna go back to my couch...


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Another Jason said...

That guy is crazy. I can assure you that I don't have the nuts to jump from a plan with huge metal wings strapped to my back.