Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary, MiddleCoast!

Well, well, well, loyal mC reader(s) - tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the very first middleCoast blog. Hard to believe it's been a whole year. Thanks to all who have contributed; and thanks to all that semi-regularly check back to see if our lazy asses have posted anything recently; and thanks to all those that have stumbled upon middleCoast because your Google search for Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors brought you here. We appreciate and love you all.

For year two, we pledge that we will post a minimum of twice per week - twice per week! That practically quadruples your mC intake! Which is very, very healthy! (Note: the editors of middleCoast make no claims towards promising any amount of quality in our posts, but then again, quality has never been the point of anything that starts http://www et cetera...)

And, of course, the Spirit of Schrowe shall permeate throughout all of our dabblings into the Minutiae of the Everyday. Gone but not forgotten, to say the least.



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