Friday, October 12, 2007

Horrible Red Eye Front Page Pun o' the Day!

Introducing a new segment on middleCoast today - The Horrible Red Eye Front Page Pun o' the Day. Fellow Chicagoans are all aware of the free Tribune rag, Red Eye, a drek-filled tabloid presenting itself under the guise of "journalism". Though we're quite certain that the editors at Red Eye must have all failed journalism classes, as they regularly break simple rules of the trade, and usually on the front page at that. The most blatant disregard for intelligent writing are the front page headlines, presented more often than not as puns. Genius.

Yesterday's front page headline read: "America's Next Top Bottle" - a reference to the Nalgene bottle featured in the cover photo accompanying an article about the environmental effects of bottled water. Yes, yes, brilliant - take a serious and topical news story and draw people in by way of a reality TV show produced by the poor man's Oprah, Tyra Banks. Clever You.

So today's Horrible Red Eye Front Page Pun o' the Day:

(Don't forget the hard-hitting news on pages 7 & 16 as well.)



Lt. Dale Nippler said...

Thank you. I write this as I'm surrounded by RedEye morons. I don't know what's "funnier", your blog or my situation?

JasonToo said...

I'm going with your situation as being much funnier. Almost as funny as Lt Dale Nippler...

Anonymous said...

i love redeye. it really takes out the junk we dont need from the news.