Friday, October 05, 2007

Membership Has Its Privileges

We at middleCoast are HUGE fans of KEXP, and have been donating to the listener-run radio station online for several years now. For the second year in a row, Chicago won the contest for highest-donating-city, so once again they brought the party to the Windy City. Last night was the members-only donor party at the Darkroom on Chicago Ave, and we had the esteemed privilege of finally meeting in person John Richards and Cheryl Waters, deejays extraordinaire. We were very geeked out to be speaking directly with two of the coolest cats in the biz, and they were both extremely kind. A strange thing to meet someone with whom you feel you know quite well, listening to their voices every day for the last couple of years, and know that they have no clue who you are. While we would've welcomed the chance to talk shop with these experts, we shared our gratitude and went back to our free 312 bottles. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Airiel, and Mason Proper each took the stage later in the night as part of the free Equalizer show.

Thanks again to John & Cheryl for bringing the party to the middleCoast, and for continually bringing great new music into our world.

And here's a taste of what they've recently turned us on to - the hilarious grooves of Flight of the Conchords, Business Time:


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