Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monkeys & Robots

Kool Kid New Yorkers already know about these guys, but we in the Middle are just now getting word about electro-rock-opera connoisseurs, Apes & Androids. Described by another (an aforementioned NYC Kool Kid that has had the opportunity of seeing A&A live) as "David Bowie meets 'Bohemian Rhapsody' meets Godspell meets Tron", the Brooklyn-based quintet released their first full length, Blood Moon, last month. The Queen and Bowie comparisons are impressive - and justified - but it is their live show that is getting all the attention. Sparing no expense, Apes & Androids goes the theatrical, Spinal Tap route, complete with hanging skulls staring at the crowd with blazing red eyes, intergalactic make-up adorning their faces, and costumes perhaps stolen from the original Logan's Run. For example:

For a taste of their sound, here is their music video for "Radio":

Hopefully they'll be making their way to Chicago soon.

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