Friday, February 01, 2008

Music For Peasants

We are most certainly living in a golden - or maybe platinum - era of new music. And god bless the internet gods for allowing us such easy access to it.

New mC fave of the day is Welsh sextet Los Campesinos! - another stellar artist on Wichita Recordings. With their debut LP, Hold On Now, Younster..., set to drop at the end of the month, these peasants are poised to become britpop royalty. Sounding like a punk version of Stars, the mixed gender vocal interplay over the pulsing drum beat and various guitars/keyboards/strings/glockenspiel/bass/horns accompaniment, Campesinos! are what fun sounds like. Simple as that. If they didn't have the hap-happiest damn time making music together then they are brilliant actors. With song titles like "We Are All Accelerated Readers" and "This Is How You Spell 'HAHAHA, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams of A Generation of Faux-Romantics'", a sense of humor (or should we say 'humour') is self-evident.

Released as a single last summer, "You! Me! Dancing!" combines a Ted Leo-esque riff with the dance-pop enthusiasm of The Go! Team to create a wholly enjoyable tune. If you're not dancing halfway through - or at least tapping your foot and bobbing your head - then go see a doctor and get help.

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