Monday, September 22, 2008

The Killers: New Track "Human" Sounds Like Celine Dion

Maybe The Killers should get out of Las Vegas. Their latest single, "Human" sounds like Celine Dion. Or maybe Cher, to put it nicely. Add the cringe-worthy lyrics, "Are we human? / Or are we dancers? / My sign is vital / My hands are cold", and this is just plain awful. I never really understood the fascination with The Killers - partly out of shear rock-snobbery, and partly because of frontman Brandon Flowers' claim that Sam's Town is "one of the best albums of the past 20 years", adding, "There's nothing that touches this album." Just because a band tells you that they're great doesn't mean that they are great (unless your name is Kanye). And "Human" is far from great...

Then again, my mom would probably love it.

"Human" (from the upcoming Day & Age, due out in November)



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Nate said...

"Human" is a horrible song. Whenever it comes on the radio I have an instant urge to witness the gory suicides of everyone involved in bringing this piece of crap to my ears.

I have no idea why, but "Are we human, are we dancer" are the most annoying 6 words I have ever heard in my life. It's almost a primal reaction or hate and anger.

I seriously do not understand why this song pisses me off so much. I would rather have wood splinters stuck under my nails than be subjected to the god damn thing.

Other Killers songs do not piss me off, to be honest I have no real opinion. But this one has turned me into an instant uber hater.