Thursday, September 18, 2008

New TV on the Radio: Dear Science ("Golden Age" Video)

TV on the Radio is quickly becoming something greater than the sum of its parts. They have grown into an icon, or at least an entity, representing what happens when you make pop music that is also capital-A Art. Their latest effort, Dear Science, is further evidence that music doesn't need to be experimental in order to be artful.

The album will officially be released September 23rd (on Chicago's own Touch and Go Records), but the bonus track version is out now on iTunes. For those of you monetarily challenged in the wake of this economic nose-dive, is streaming the album with full tracks.

In order to fully prove just how impossible it is to categorize TVOTR, we present the video for "Golden Age". With graphics that play like original developments in green-screen technology and a "plot" that involves dancing police officers, Care Bear nostalgia, and spirit-animal totem action, we're simply at a loss for words. Here's one that my dad would use, though: weird.

Video: "Golden Age"

Don't forget that they'll be at The Riv in Chicago October 22nd.



JenniferToo said...

Wow. That's odd. But beautiful and fantastic. Oh, and the song isn't bad either...

Too bad they've decided to skip KC on their tour.

Jacob said...