Friday, September 29, 2006

It took about 2 months

...for me to figure out how to log into blogger. This is sad. I'm not worthy.

It's a long story, and it involves lots of cocaine and cheap whiskey and a lobotomy, electroshock therapy, a whore, a fat man in a halter top... and a crack smoking midget.

In other words, it's pretty boring, so I'll spare the details. But you can see how I got distracted.

But I'm here and it feels good.

But my ass itches so I think it's time to take a shower. I'm really going to start classing down this blog.


OtherJason said...

Thank god. Everyone else around here has taken to wearing chinos, and drinking heineken. We need you Champ. We need ya bad.

JasonToo said...

welcome aboard, duder. now we shall take over the blogosphere (insert maniacal laughter here).