Wednesday, June 13, 2007

am i blogging right?

so my buddy jason basically hooked this up for me. props!
i really dig the mission statement and cool/fun/sad stories everyone is sharing.
its so great since it takes me from my obsessive itunes, turntable lab, and purchases.
look ma! im not buying anything!
so to start ill talk about 3(of the 8) albums ive bought since monday.

1. fujiya and miyagi- transparent things
its so cute. im a sucker for anything "kings of convenience"ish or "erland oye"esque.
and they're singing about reeboks and heaven and broken bones and shit.
its pefect 7am music, snappy, but not intrusive.
heres their video, if its not directed by michel gondry someone owes him some $

2. porno for pyros-gods good urge
its amazing. and i really dont care for perry farrels voice, but its all so sweet. hes got neo-hippie DOWN.
i had the cassette when i was younger, and its always reminded me of june, so thankfully, i remembered to buy it again, rather than search for the tape. "kimberly austin" still makes me think of underage drinking. heres the video for "tahitian moon"

3.chromeo-fancy footwork
this stuff can make you feel like the hippest most with it 29 yr old ever, then again, it could embarass the hell out of you in front of your family. my 22 yr old nephew asked if it was "that guy that sings 'word up' " and my seven yr old nephew asked me to turn it down, then off.
i like it. the album is way cheesy. it even has a song dedicated to mamas boys.
if you know and like chromeos first album "shes in control" youll dig it.
theyll be in town july 15 with flosstradomus at metro, they are fully live too, that vocoder is too much.
oh and thanks to my new friend at for hooking me up with the album 2 weeks before release, and free!
title track video-

so relate with me when i see you about these wonderful albums, or at least the videos.


JasonToo said...

chromeo is awesome. nice find. despite your nephew's responses. what do they know, anyway?

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with you Rene for giving love to Porno for Pyros. They've always been dear, and Kimberly Austin is truly the sweetest of sweet songs. Good list, I will check these out. I forgot my google name, so I will sign this one: Jessica