Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kings of Kool: The Lions

Los Angeles collective, The Lions, harmoniously blend global funk, old-school grooves, and jungle soul to brew a brand of world music that spans continents and decades. The release of Jungle Struttin' on Ubiquity Records in February is supposedly a rather impromptu collection of jams put together by the session artists at the label. Clearly the level of talent here is top-notch, and The Lions harvest a strand of dub reggae that will undoubtedly give you a contact high...

Each track fills the room with smoke, and lights dim and begin to give off a golden hue. Senses are simultaneously dulled and heightened as your mind departs your brain. Trancelike, your heart starts to beat in time with the tune. Feel your soul soar with the brass, while the bass carries (you forward in) time. The walls ooze, the ceiling drips, and you slip, falling to the floor. Prostrate, nose pressed against the hardwood, you stay put and postulate. You speculate on the smallest of things, focusing the retinas on the most minuscule spec of dust: what limitations we humans are afflicted with! We see only a shred of what is to be seen, hear only single note of the opera that is continually at play. Erecting yourself you rise and walk, slowly and deliberately, recognizing the colossus you've become over the dust mite, the Lilliputian you remain in the Gran' Scheme. Sit and sink into your chair, into the dense air that surrounds the sound emitting from your speakers. Inhale, exhale, repeat. Inhale, exhale...

"Jungle Struttin'"

"Cumbia del Leon"

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Tom said...

That guy on the right looks like he wants to fight me.

The guy leaning against the tree has at least 3 non-drug related illegal hobbies.