Thursday, April 17, 2008

Next Big Thing Alert: Thee Emergency

The days of Grunge are (thankfully) past us, but Seattle continues to crank out quality bands that make their way across the Middle. Thee Emergency is the latest to demand and command our attention. With their sophomore release, SOLID, due out in early May, the quintet's psychedelic-soul-meets-Detroit-garage sounds like what would've happened if Danger Mouse had produced The Libertines. What really establishes their sound as unique, though, is lead singer, Dita Vox. The sultry songstress deftly switches from soulful pleas to fiery accusations like no one since Miss Tina Turner herself. Vox is the perfect lead for the band as guitarist Sonic Smith wails through slow-burning solos and deliberate hooks, Nick Detroit counts time on bass, (new member) Dr. S works the keys and sax adding a harmonious Motown element, and Tom T. Drummer's barely contained whirlwind drumming surely calls for a paternity test - there simply has to be some of Keith Moon's DNA in there somewhere.

While most of Indie Rock comes to us from Sub Pop or some label similar, Thee Emergency maintain a truly Indie identity, self-releasing this latest effort on their label, The Heavy Souls.

Word has it that their live show is worth witnessing, as well, but with no shows on the bill east of the continental divide, we'll just have to settle for the YouTube clip below.

Listen: "2069 Space-Time" mp3

Listen: "Attack of the Cobrasaurus" mp3

Watch: "Holdin' On" (from their debut album, Can You Dig It?)
- Live from Easy Street Records in 2006

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