Friday, April 18, 2008

Record Store Day Is Tomorrow!

Sunday may be Earth Day festivities, but just as in need of saving are local and independently-owned Record Stores. So Saturday, April 19th is officially Record Store Day. Hundreds of record stores across the country will join forces to promote and celebrate the cultural significance and individual inspiration derived from these bastions of cool. Each participating store will have special events or live performances to commemorate the day. Click here to find the store nearest you.

Now we concede that more of our music dollars go to iTunes than we like to admit. So if you're like us, take advantage of this event to get away from your computer into the big, wide world (sans web) and do your part to keep record stores alive. Artists like Wayne Coyne, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen are joining in the effort. Here are a few quotes to get you inspired:
Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz, others...)
“My local independent record shop (Honest Jons) is a library, where you can go to listen to music, learn about it, exchange ideas about it and be inspired by it. I think independent record shops will outlive the music industry as we know it because long term their value to people is far greater, because even in our era of file-sharing and blogs, you cant replace the actual look on someone’s face when they are playing something they really rate and think you should listen to it too. It’s special.”
Cameron Crowe (writer, director)
"The record store. Where true fandom begins. It's the soul of discovery, and the place where you can always return for that mighty buzz. The posters. The imports. The magazines. The discerning clerks, paid in vinyl, professors of the groove. Long live that first step inside, when the music envelopes you and you can't help it. You walk up to the counter and ask the question that begins the journey -- "what is that you're playing?" Long live the record store, and the guys and girls who turn the key, and unlock those dreams, every day."
A few Chicago spots for you locals in the Middle:
Dave's Records - 2604 N. Clark St.
Deadwax Records - 3819 N. Lincoln Ave.
Gramaphone Records - 2843 N. Clark St.
Hard Boiled Records - 2010 W. Roscoe St.
Laurie's Planet of Sound - 4639 N Lincoln Ave.
Music Direct - 318 North Laflin St.
Permanent Records - 1914 W. Chicago Ave.
Reckless Records - 3161 N. Broadway, 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave., and 26 E. Madison
Record Breakers - 2109 S. State Street

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