Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chicago Concert Calendar: June 12-20

As summer has finally broken in Chicago, the city resurrects with live music. Leading up to venerable festivals Pitchfork and Lollapalooza, here are a few shows in what's left of the month of June to get you geared up.

Who: Oxford Collapse
When: June 12th
Where: Empty Bottle
Price Tag: Free! (Seriously, it's free! Part of the Bottle's free concert series, so you should totally go!)
For Fans Of: Sub Pop Records, Brooklyn Indie Rock raised on '80s movies
What To Wear: Comfy shoes - the Gang of Four influence will be noticed as you find yourself unable to keep from dancing
BONUS: Scottish pop-rockers, Frightened Rabbit, opens!

Who: Billy Bragg
When: June 14th
Where: Park West
Price Tag: $27.50 (get tix)
For Fans Of: British troubadours, left-wing politics, Wilco
What To Wear: "Impeach Bush" tee-shirt, free trade garments

Who: These New Puritans
When: June 14th
Where: Subterranean
Price Tag: $12.00 (get tix)
For Fans Of: High fashion, The Fall, numerology
What To Wear: Movado timepiece, chainmail hoodie

Who: Ladytron
When: June 17th
Where: Vic Theater
Price Tag: $24.00 (get tix)
For Fans Of: Gorgeous Bulgarian vocalists, jet-setting
Best Comparison Quote: "A teasing glimpse of how Britney Spears might have sounded, had she been born in the GDR and a heroin addict."
BONUS: Norwegian electro-poppers, DataRock, open!

Who: Crystal Castles
When: June 18th
Where: Double Door
Price Tag: Free! (Seriously!?! Two free shows in six days?!? You know where to find middleCoasters this week...)
For Fans Of: She-Ra, Atari, Digitalism
What To Wear: All American Apparel, all the time

Who: The Black Angels
When: June 20th
Where: Logan Square Auditorium
Price Tag: $15.00 (get tix)
For Fans Of: Psychedelia, The Doors (the band), The Doors (of Perception)
What To Wear: Velvet Underground tee-shirt, beard



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