Monday, June 09, 2008

"My Drive Thru": Converse Finally Takes Advantage of Hipster Market

Hipsters have been wearing Converse All-Stars for, well, for forever it seems. Or at least since The Ramones started playing CBGBs. Though it seems rather unnecessary now (don't all hipsters and hipster-wannabe's already have their Chuck Taylor's?), the marketing execs at Converse have employed the register of Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas, and Santogold for their new promotional campaign: Three Artists, One Song. The result is "My Drive Thru", a frothy pop jingle that is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from these three artists. The gang over at Stereogum are streaming the mp3 of the track - click here to check it out.

The bigger question in my mind, though, is who exactly are Converse marketing to with this campaign? Is this just a big Thank You Nod to all the hipsters out there that have been sporting Chucks all these years, creating a mini little super-group as a show of gratitude? Or are they really trying to go (even more) mainstream with the product? If so, Converse may want to be careful - hipsters have a tendency to immediately shy away from things once the coolness factor becomes too easily accessible. Now that Target is hawking the Converse OneStar brand, it's not unlikely that it won't be long before your mom is rocking All Stars while working in the garden.

Stream: "My Drive Thru" (via Stereogum)


Update - Here is the video:


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