Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Posts From Other Coasts: Next Big Thing Alert!

Seattle quintet The Hands don't yet have plans on touring the Middle, but if you listen closely you should still be able to hear them. Described by another writer more clever than I: The Hands are like The Strokes - if The Strokes were lumberjacks instead of silver spoon-fed rich kids that went to boarding school. Their 2006 EP So Sweet contained seven songs of gut-wrenching garage rock of the Stones-meets-Sonics variety. Their self-titled debut LP (released through Selector Sound, February 19th) promises a bit more complex compositions, but plenty of the plain and simple Rawk, with ten new tracks and two re-recorded faves from the EP.

Check out the mp3 for "Lies Lies Lies", one of the two re-recorded tracks:

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Anonymous said...

we are indeed planning on hitting the middlecoast... contact us for details! -the hands