Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Aren't These Guys Huge? The Pack

Sometimes it just takes a little while for That Which Is Cool to reach the Middle from those other coasts. The fact that these kids aren't the biggest thing in Hip Hop, though, is beyond us. Fortunately for us in Chicago, Bay Area MCs The Pack are finally taking some time away from their San Francisco State education to go on tour. Tuesday night (1/29) they bring their minimalist brand of hyphy, Too $hort-style rhymin' and shinin' to Schubas.

Their first full-length, Based Boys, dropped this past October, but its biggest single, "Vans", was blowing up West Coast radio way back in 2006. Listen to the hook just once and you'll understand why they call it a "hook". Be sure to wear 'dem rainbow Vans tomorrow night. Check out the video:

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you're awful, i love you said...

I would like to recommend Ludo for consideration for the next big up and comer. They're my new fav.