Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Best of 2007 (Revisited)

Thanks to all middleCoast staffers for your picks for the Best (and/or Worst) of 2007. For your convenience, here is easy access to each:

JenniferToo's Top 10 Live Shows of 2007
-"So what if I happened to be standing within five feet of a hundred port-a-potties when I heard "Jane Says" live for the first time?"

Jess's Top 10 Places to Visit Before You Die (of 2007)
-"They've persevered as only the Irish can: through their wit, their whiskey, and their writing."

Rene's Top 5 Most Overrated & Top 5 Most Underrated of 2007
-"Oh, I missed J.Lo entering a nightclub then ignoring everybody? Tape it for me."

Sean's Top 10 Centennial Birthdays of 2007
-"Not since John Holmes has there been a greater challenge to suck this much."

Jess's Worst 10 Things About Working in the Corporate World (in 2007)
-"Conference calls. Gay."

Dave's Top 5 Campaign Trail Foot-In-Mouthers of 2007
-"The caller is then berated by Giuliani for 'his obsessive concern with little weasels.'"

OtherJennifer's Top 10 Reasons Having an Undergrad Degree in Psychology Makes You Mental
-"The first six letters in the title of your degree will be P-S-Y-C-H-O. Nice."

Eggz's Top 5 Hottest Kicks on the Market in 2007
-"There will be an additional charge of 125¥ for the tiny Asian man who lives inside the sole of the shoe."

JasonToo's Top 20 Albums of 2007
-"A set of lush A.M.-ready tunes easily accessible to both your hipster-teen sister and your Donovan-loving dad."


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