Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best of 2007, Part III

Continuing this week's lists of middleCoast staff member picks for the Best (and/or Worst) Lists of 2007 (see Part I here, and Part II here), we now present:

Rene Junior's Top 5 Most Overrated & Underrated of 2007

Top 5 Most Overrated of 2007

5. All-over Print Hoodies
Oh god, do not even get me started. Well I guess I'm sorta thankful for them so I can see jackasses from over 50 feet away...

4. Rachel Ray
Dude. Hasn't anyone ever made fettuccine in 15 minutes before? It's not hard. Why does she get 560 million dollars and 100 Emmys for it? If you like her cookbooks or something, fine; but you have to agree she was in our face all year. And I don't even have cable! I can't even imagine...

3. Akon
I thought those were just bad Nate Dogg songs till I started getting requests for "Akon". I searched his videos but the embedding has been disabled so I can't show them here. But anytime you hear a low budget R&B riff and you think, "Is that R. Kelly's less-talented cousin?" then I'm sure it's Akon.
Wow, I gave Nate Dogg and R. Kelly props by accident...

2. Going Green
It only took the U.S. mass population over 25 years to learn that people riding their bikes may not just be poor. But wait, does Hummer make a bike, dear? I really like that company...

1. Cell Phones
THEY MAKE YOU AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES. I really hate my cell phone. It works perfectly and fits conveniently in any pocket. Great.
Here is the worst cell phone commercial ever:

Like when I was a kid I dreamed of a cell phone. I'm pissed at the notion that this is what kids ever dream of...

Top 5 Most Underrated of 2007

5. Baking
I'm only saying this because I just learned to bake last night. These oatmeal cookies rule!

4. Wearing Weather-Appropriate Clothing
So these boots aren't designer. WHO DOESN'T HAVE PNEUMONIA? ME!!!

3. Going to Bed Early
Oh, I missed J.Lo entering a nightclub then ignoring everybody? Tape it for me.

2. Cats
Mine is cute and keeps my feet warm at night.

1. Water
I seriously heard more than ten people this year say they hated the taste of water. Fine. Drink Pepsi or something. More for the whales...

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