Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best of 2007, Part VII

We're not finished yet. Part VII now of our Best (and/or Worst) Lists of 2007 coming up now (Part I; II; III; IV; V; VI):

OtherJennifer's Top 10 Reasons
Having an Undergrad Degree in
Psychology Makes You Mental

10. You will have a depressing first job. You may feel noble because you are helping people, but that will not last very long. Example: Case Worker for mentally ill, low-income adults in downtown Kansas City. Cheery!

9. Your next job will probably have nothing to do with your degree. In fact, none of your jobs for the rest of your life will have anything to do with your degree. Though you may get close: Career Counselor(/Computer Instructor) for a community college.

8. People who did not go to college will probably make about the same income as you, but they will not have 20 grand in student loans. Yay Me!

7. When people ask you what your degree is in, you have to say “Psychology”. Then they will ask what you can do with that, and you will look stupid because you have no idea.

6. You could very possibly end up a used car salesman.

5. Your parents will be very proud of you because they did not finish college, however they will not understand why you are broke all of the time. They will say things like “You would think that since you have a degree, you could make more money”.

4. The same goes for your friends that didn’t go to college.

3. More than likely, you will become an alcoholic and/or a drug addict. There have been studies done on this. I’m not kidding.

2. People will think that because of the nature of your degree, you are a therapist. Anytime someone in your family or a friend is screwed up, they will call on you. Ironically, you are the one in most dire need of therapy.

1. The first 6 letters in the title of your degree will be P-S-Y-C-H-O. Nice.

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