Thursday, December 13, 2007

Next Big Thing Alert!

Spinning this week in middleCoast's Uptown offices is the first full-length album from MGMT, Oracular Spectacular. These dance-rockers hail from (surprise! surprise!) Brooklyn, NY, and are opening for fellow Brooklynites, Yeasayer, in Chicago February 8th at Schubas.

Their first music video is for the track, "Electric Feel", which doubles as an interactive music video allowing you to make your own version (download it here):

The whole album is only $7.99 on iTunes, by the way, and features my favorite song of the week:



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Slush Fun said...

These guys MGMT are so good and will get better once they learn how to work a crowd. Saw them in Dallas last fall and their music is just kickass sick. They need to work on eye contact though and maybe use the mike to say Hi or Hey, this is Time to Pretend, or something. But you can see and FEEL the energy and talent.