Monday, December 17, 2007

Best of 2007, Part I


This week, middleCoast will be providing you, the reader, with staff member picks for the Best (and/or Worst) Lists of 2007.

We begin at the beginning:

JenniferToo's Top 10 Live Shows of 2007

10. Satellite Party :: August 3rd :: Lollapalooza / Grant Park, Chicago
Satellite Party, a.k.a. Jane's Addiction. So what if I happened to be standing within five feet of a hundred or so port-a-potties when I heard "Jane Says" live for the first time. It was still freakin' awesome. Just like Perry in his white suit. Out of this world.

09. Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: August 4th :: Lollapalooza / Grant Park, Chicago

Now it is entirely possible that Karen O did, in fact, eat her glove, but I'm not so sure. Regardless, this show was intense. How you could have so much energy in 95 degree heat wearing leather is beyond me. But these guys didn't show any signs of slowing down. And Karen O's voice was piercing. And I love the chicks that rock. We need more of 'em.

08. Silversun Pickups :: August 3rd :: Lollapalooza / Grant Park, Chicago

This was such an unassuming show. It was mid-afternoon on Day 1 at Lollapalooza. I was a big fan of their album, but knew nothing of the band. In fact, I was under the impression that the lead singer was a girl. The stage was one of the puny side stages that were brutally hot. AND we were looking right into the sun while standing on pavement. Not my ideal concert setting. But I was blown away nevertheless.

07. LCD Soundsystem :: September 28th :: Starlight Theater, Kansas City
So technically LCD Soundsystem and The Arcade Fire was one show. But they were so different and so amazing that they each deserve a mention. I had seen LCD Soundsystem just a few months prior at Lollapalooza. I remember the show being really upbeat and highly entertaining, but I don't remember much more. Okay, actually I remember thinking "that's the guy singing?" But I might have been a tad overwhelmed with good music. Regardless, I was excited when I heard they were opening for The Arcade Fire. The show ROCKED. I saw them at Starlight here in KC and I was a bit leery of seeing the show outdoors (granted, I know nothing about acoustics, but it seemed like the sound might dissipate as it traveled through...okay, whatever). But LCD Soundsystem had no trouble at all being heard clearly. And loudly.

06. Pearl Jam :: August 5th :: Lollapalooza / Grant Park, Chicago
Let me take you back a little: the year, 1992; the place, Lollapalooza, St. Louis, MO. I was 17 and in love with Eddie Vedder (even though he's about 6 inches shorter than me). They were just on the brink of becoming the huge success that they are today. Eddie was still performing acrobatic feats as they performed and I knew every single word to every single song. Jump to August 2007, once again Lollapalooza. Fifteen years later and these boys are still as hardcore as ever. Granted, the venue and the crowd size was a bit less ideal (seriously, claustrophobia was tapping me on the shoulder). But the show rocked just as hard. I sort of fell off the Pearl Jam bandwagon somewhere after Vitalogy, but it didn't take much to convert me. Then you add some fireworks and Dennis Rodman to the mix...

05. Daft Punk :: August 3rd :: Lollapalooza / Grant Park, Chicago
Do I really need to say anything here? I didn't think so.

04. The Flaming Lips :: September 12th :: Uptown Theater, Kansas City

This was my first indoor, small-venue Lips show. The show was at the Uptown Theater in KC. With its intricate carvings and surreal paintings it was a perfect setting. The show was an experience - it was uplifting, exhausting, exhilarating and dreamlike. And, come on: Wayne + Lasers + Mirrors + Balloons = Magic.

03. TV on the Radio :: March 17th :: VooDoo Lounge, Kansas City
I'm fairly certain I was the most excited person upstairs at the VooDoo Lounge. These guys are one of my favorite bands - I haven't heard a song I don't like. And their live show was fantastic. Their voices are honestly some of the most beautiful instruments I've ever heard. And, no lie, the guitarist's hand was blurry he was strumming so fast.

02. My Morning Jacket :: August 5th :: Lollapalooza / Grant Park, Chicago

I'd be okay if these guys were on the list every freakin' year. The purple suits were unexpected, but the jamming was not. I am constantly in awe of Jim James and his ability to be so raw and hard on one song, and then so beautiful and soft on another. And the Boys Choir? Come on.

01. Arcade Fire :: September 28th :: Starlight Theater, Kansas City
As I mentioned above, these guys played the outdoor venue along with LCD Soundsystem. When their set first started, I was a bit concerned. They didn't sound like much after LCD Soundsystem blasted us with "New York I Love You". But it didn't take long for them to impress me. The show was honestly hard for me to watch - I couldn't figure out who to focus on. Regine was beautiful, floating all over the stage playing every instrument while she sang like a lark (sorry, that's cheesy, but amazingly fitting). Win was so passionate and there is so much emotion in his voice. Then there's Will, who never stood still. He was playing the mic stand one minute and ripping a book to shreds the next. But the music was so so good. And with a closer like "Wake Up", these guys earned my number 1 spot.

When not blowing her children's college tuition on live shows, JenniferToo is entertaining us with the tales of Stinkerbell & Cindersmella.


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