Friday, January 25, 2008

Teenage Wasteland

Aptly named The Teenagers cite puberty, love, and sex as their primary influences, and their debut album, Reality Check (released through XL, March 18th), is a trashy romp through adolescence. Though some of us cringe at the memory of high school, this French trio revel in the awkward excitement of vertiginous youth. Avoiding nostalgia and pretension, they instead opt to focus on the humor and absurdity underlying each of our puerile experiences.

For example, check out the video for their first single, "Homecoming" in all its naughty glory:

The Teenagers make their way through the middleCoast this Saturday night at Sonotheque in Chicago.

If "Homecoming" utilized immaturity beyond your capacity, try the poppy "Feeling Better" (mp3 here):

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